Seek Medical Care

Pursue medical attention if your accident injuries prevent you from being able to return to work. Your employer should provide and/or pay for transportation if your injuries require such accommodation. Seek assistance from a hospital or clinic if your own doctor is not immediately available.

Bear in mind some injuries, such as a concussion or herniated disc, may not be immediately evident. Proper follow-up care ensures you do not overlook a potentially debilitating injury.

Report the Injury

Notify your manager or supervisor of the accident and injury. Your employer is responsible for completing the WSIB forms necessary to initiate your claim for benefits.
Note: your employer is required to report your injury within three days if you:

Ensure your supervisor knows where and when the accident occurred and the nature of the incident.

Document Your Accident and Injuries

Your doctor is responsible for providing a doctor’s report to the WSIB. It is essential that your care providers accurately describe your injuries, diagnosis and treatment. Provide details about how your accident occurred and any symptoms you are experiencing.
You also should preserve and document your injuries for your own records. This includes
such evidence of your accident as:

This information may be critical in the event your claim for workers’ compensation benefits is undervalued or denied.

Contact a Lawyer Experienced in WSIB Claims

You have the right to consult with a WSIB lawyer after a workplace injury or illness in Ontario. While you are not obligated to hire a lawyer, doing so increases your chances of fair treatment, timely processing of your claim and just compensation for your injury and future losses.

A lawyer examines the details of your case to determine all available WSIB benefits and other potential compensation. A lawyer is also particularly valuable in the event of denial of benefits as he or she can assist you with filing an appeal and preparing for your hearing.

Cooperate With WSIB, Your Employer and Your Doctor

You can show good faith by cooperating with the following parties and in the following ways:

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