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Our Firm – Devoted to Representing the Injured

A serious injury can have devastating financial, physical and personal consequences for a victim and his or her family. This is true whether it’s a fractured pelvis suffered in a slip and fall accident, a head trauma sustained in a car crash or a repetitive stress injury suffered while on the job.
At Goodman Law Group, we are focused on helping injured parties pursue fair and sufficient compensation. We understand how time-consuming and confusing it can be for qualified victims to access benefits. You do not have to face the claims process on your own – we provide dedicated legal guidance for the duration of your case. Below are details to better help you understand your options as you move forward in pursuit of damages.

Primary Areas of Practice – The Cases We Handle

Our offices serve only those who have suffered serious injury. As such, we are focused primarily on three areas of practice

A free case evaluation allows you the opportunity to learn more about our available services and whether we are the right fit for your legal needs.

What Sets Our Law Firm Apart from Other Injury Firms

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We have honed our skills by focusing only on the most serious injury cases. We also have a staff that is well versed in matters of Ontario injury law. For instance, we have several licensed paralegals who have previously worked for the WSIB. Their behind-the-scenes experience provides us with a unique set of knowledge that we can put to work for your claim. Get Started

Why Time Is of the Essence in Your Injury Claim

Injury claims have strict timelines in which you must take action. General guidelines are as follows:

By taking prompt action, you can protect your injury claim and avoid running into conflict with filing deadlines. You may take advantage of a free case consultation with our injury lawyers. Call 905-265-1005.

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