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Personal Injury Lawyers in Ontario

Were you recently injured in Ontario? Do not delay. There are strict and varying deadlines in place for all injury claims. By contacting our firm today, you can take the necessary steps to ensure that you do not miss out on your opportunity to recover fair compensation.

Ontario has a number of laws and regulations in place to protect victims in the event of a serious injury. Depending on how, where and when your accident transpired, various laws exists to protect those victims of serious personal injury. For instance, if you were injured on the job, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act provides the framework for compensation. If you were injured in a car or motor vehicle accident, the Insurance Act and the Statutory Accident Benefits system governs your rights. If you were injured on private or public property because of a slip and fall or trip and fall accident, Ontario’s Occupiers’ Liability Act among others is the governing authority.

Unfortunately, the system does not always work as it was intended. Despite what the law states, qualified victims do not always receive the full compensation to which they are entitled, while others may experience an outright denial of benefits.

At Goodman Law Group, we are focused on helping those who have suffered serious injury in a variety of accidents or circumstances. We are available to help at all stages of an injury case, from the initial claims application to an appeal of an unfavorable decision. If necessary, we will even litigate your claim. Please find additional information about our services – and your options – below.

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Our Firm’s Focus – Helping Those Who Have Suffered Injury in Ontario

Our team focuses only on injury cases. This has allowed us to hone our skills and develop a substantial case history from which to draw.Our areas of practice are as follows:

Take advantage of a free case consultation to determine how we can assist you with your injury case.


How Our Experience Benefits Your Case

Our law firm is different from many other firms in the region because of our experience in handling all types of injury claims including WSIB claims. In addition to lawyers, we even boast several licensed paralegals who previously have worked for the WSIB. They have an intimate understanding of how the WSIB makes its decisions and how claims progress from the application to appeals process. We put this unique knowledge to work for our clients’ cases. Call 905-265-1005 to schedule a free case evaluation today.

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